21 Bankrupt Celebrities – They Had It All And Spent Even More


The whole world has been having a pretty tough time over the last few years. People have been losing their jobs, their homes, and having their pension funds raided. But it’s not just us “normal” people with basic salaries who have been having trouble making ends meet – some celebrities who have earned mega-bucks still found themselves in bankruptcy courts. In a couple of instances, some of them didn’t even learn their lesson the first time around.

1. Kerry Katona

This mom of four declared bankruptcy in the summer of 2013 for the second time. Incredibly, it has not stopped her living in the lap of luxury, enraging viewers of the Through the Keyhole television show.

Just a few weeks after being declared bankrupt for the second time, she was still living in a mansion the likes of us could only dream about. She was pregnant at the time, so let’s say she figured she owed herself and her baby some peace, quiet and leisure before the bank kicks her out on the street (which, of course, didn’t happen). A source close to Katona and her fiance said she needed a big house because she already had four children that needed space, but that she was respecting the terms of her bankruptcy.

Kerry filed for bankruptcy for the second time in July 2013 and in 2014 rumors started going around saying she was bankrupt for the third time, which she denied vehemently.

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