21 Actors Who Are Much Older Than You Thought


It’s a well known fact that men grow old more gracefully than women, and our favorite leading men are no exception.

Amid rumors of vampirism and other strange otherworldly occurrences, here is our list of the top 21 actors that really don’t look their age.

1. Elijah Wood

Does Wood have some Dorian Gray deal going on? He’s been acting since he was 8 and looks like he’s been frozen in time as a 13-year-old. But the erstwhile Frodo is a grown-up.

So what’s the secret of not-so-young Wood’s boyish looks? It could be his huge, piercing blue eyes. The folks who did the animation for Sin City recognized the power of those eyes when they pictured Wood as a super-scary, sadistic creep who often remains invisible except for his eyes.

It can also be the fact he can’t really grow a decent beard, the issue that often makes grown-up men look like boys. Or is it the fact that, ever since he debuted on the silver screen, Wood has been pretty much constantly present, so we didn’t have that thing when we don’t see an actor for 10-15 years and then go “Whoa! This dude is old now!”

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  • coolguy997

    what about ringo starr

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  • And also Samuel L. Jackson, who is in his mid-60’s.

    Hard to believe

  • Jim Parsons from “Big Bang Theory” definitely don’t look his age.

    He is 40 years old. #WOW

  • Glen Barrington

    Jim Carrey, a 52 year old has been

  • Stormy Weather

    saw the pic and figured he was 55. Imagine my surprise when he was younger than I thought.

  • Thomas terred

    ok, so don’t f u g g off

  • Jay Holloway

    Call it what you want but it’s true men do age better than women..

  • scumby

    are you kidding -most of those guys have hair transplants

  • Elise

    I’m 40 years old and look much younger then men my age and, the sad part is, I have they’re young sons coming onto me.

  • Bane

    As a man, I am so glad to hear that I will age gracefully. Perhaps you could point me to the scientific data that backs up this “well known fact?” People more skeptical than myself might think you are sexist, or at the least, an idiot.

    • Kaydia


  • mim

    Kayia, I’ve seen my share of beautiful older women. Most of them models but here where I live – not much sun, women are remarkably unwrinkled well into their 70’s. Especially unwrinkled if they don’t smoke, drink, or do drugs. My mother, at 70, looked better than most 45 year olds. Some good genes and a life not littered with vices and abuses that are all too common in our society. Oh, by the way, check out Carmen Dell’Orefice at 82. She turns heads around for sure.

    • Kaydia

      My point is that the standards of beauty for men and women are radically opposed, not that wrinkles on a woman make here beautiful. I thought Eartha Kitt at 70 was breath taking, she had plenty of lines on her face, none of them made her less dynamic and inspiring.

  • MaryMactavish

    Nope, none of them is older than I thought. You seriously need to re-evaluate your standards.

  • All these men look their ages.
    Many of them just look really good and sexy for their ages and a couple of them don’t look good at all smh.
    Ya’ll need to revise this article.

    • Smithy

      I agree. If the ‘regular’ men around us had hair stylists and trendy clothes, they’d look ‘young’ too. It’s definitely the grooming on most of them, not the actual aging.

  • David Herman

    How about Paula Perrette (sp?) from NCIS? I really had no clue she was in her 40’s either

  • lp6614

    Over the top, dramatic reporting. Most of these guys look their age. Men actually age faster than women, because they do not have a skin care regimen.

    • Braxton the Saxon

      Hell I do. That’s why I still 18 and I’m 26.

  • Kaydia

    Seriously? Men age better as a “fact?” Grow up you pigs, men get wrinkled and age spotted the same as women, the difference is that men get called ‘sage,’ ‘ruggedly handsome’ and ‘distinguished.’ for sporting the same mouth creases and crows feet that label women old, ‘dried up’ and ‘worn out.’ Thanks for continuing this misogynist crap.

    • kenc138

      Fuck off you stupid feminist.

      • Aerica

        You mad?

      • Kaydia

        I’m impressed with how skillfully you made this argument. You really opened my eyes to your point of view and it’s changed my whole world view. Thanks, xx!

    • kenc138

      You mad?

      • rjthakid

        Yeah, she mad.

        • Kaydia

          More grossed out really. Double standards are toxic.

    • lha

      I’m 62,have all my hair,no wrinkles,and two Sisters younger than me,and when they introduce me,people say”I didn’t know You had a kid Brother”. Of course,I have a bad back,bad knees,arthritis,cirrhosis,etc.

    • Henry Park

      Don’t worry sweetie, I’m sure someone still thinks you’re pretty.

      • Kaydia

        As if my appearance matters in the cyber age, caveman?

    • Dusty Thompson

      Femina-zi alert.

      Strawman argument created and vended by all modern lefftists. Youve been completely indoctrinated and youre too dumb to see it. Men and woman are different and it isnt ‘misogynistic” to say so. The same can be said for Gays and racism.

      These are nothing more than weapons to silence those that disagree with those on the left. They are noithing but tools to use against Captialism and freedoim and all it accomplishes is to divide and conquer us all.

      The sad truth is that leftists dont have the ability to think critically in the least. Add to that “affirmative action” and you have the herd of sheep seen everyday on msdnc… The very same “useful idiots” so often spoken by uncle Karl himself.

      I always wondered how Hitler gained tyrannical power in Germany. Then came 2007 and 0bama and I understood completely exactly how Hitler did it. When liars set the narrative and nobody responds with the truth America was lost to a tyrannical Socialist just as Germany was.

      Democrats lost the first Civil War because they enslaved Black people. Democrats will lose the second Civil War because they attempted to enslave white people.

      This crime syndicate posing as a Govt takes 45% outright in taxes, then another 45% in tariffs, fee’s and mandated regulations. When does it officially become SLAVERY? 90% of my income being stolen at the point of a Govt gun and that is SLAVERY…. And that isnt enough for this crime syndicate as trillion dollar deficits every year and 0bamacare proves.


  • Ali

    Paul Walker, bless his heart, was in this category as well. He was 40 but looked more like 29-32 at best. Also, Adam Baldwin easily looks 8-10 years younger than his actual age. Some guys just have the good genes and take care of themselves. Now I’m sad thinking of Paul…. 🙁

    • Jay Holloway

      To bad he was also a. Pedophile…