21 Actors Who Are Much Older Than You Thought


It’s a well known fact that men grow old more gracefully than women, and our favorite leading men are no exception.

Amid rumors of vampirism and other strange otherworldly occurrences, here is our list of the top 21 actors that really don’t look their age.

1. Elijah Wood

Does Wood have some Dorian Gray deal going on? He’s been acting since he was 8 and looks like he’s been frozen in time as a 13-year-old. But the erstwhile Frodo is a grown-up.

So what’s the secret of not-so-young Wood’s boyish looks? It could be his huge, piercing blue eyes. The folks who did the animation for Sin City recognized the power of those eyes when they pictured Wood as a super-scary, sadistic creep who often remains invisible except for his eyes.

It can also be the fact he can’t really grow a decent beard, the issue that often makes grown-up men look like boys. Or is it the fact that, ever since he debuted on the silver screen, Wood has been pretty much constantly present, so we didn’t have that thing when we don’t see an actor for 10-15 years and then go “Whoa! This dude is old now!”

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