21 Biggest Celebrity Meltdowns

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It’s not easy being a celebrity. But unlike regular people, when they lose it and have meltdowns, the whole world is there to watch. These are some of the most memorable and most frightening celebrity breakdowns of all time.


Oh, Linds…the queen of self-destruction, the queen of outrage, the queen of meltdown. By now, Lohan is probably more famous for her meltdowns, legal problems and substance abuse issues than for her actual work. When you try to remember what she looks like, be honest – isn’t one of her infamous mugshots the first image that comes to mind?

Highly publicized legal issues started for LiLo in 2007 when she got a DUI and was put on probation, which she violated in 2010, when she was sent to prison, and then to rehab, which she also managed to bail on. She was forced to return back to rehab and her career seemed absolutely shattered.

She was also in tremendous debt. In addition to these problems, she was accused of stealing some jewelry. That was a real low point in her life and career, but knowing Lindsay, we’re not even sure it’s the last meltdown we’ll see from her.

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