21 Celebs That Had The Craziest Odd Jobs


Of course, pretty much nobody just marches into a studio and demands a role in a blockbuster or a platinum record deal – not even the most talented of celebrities could’ve just jumped to the top instantly.

Many of them had normal, everyday jobs. What made them decide to change, nobody knows (unless they tell us), but here’s a list of some of the most surprising jobs that celebrities had before they rose to fame.

1. Johnny Depp

Depp wasn’t always your favourite pirate, Willy Wonka or Raoul Duke, no no. He was once an ordinary human, struggling with life and working a crappy job just to get by. He used to be a telemarketer, he would call people on their phones and trying to sell them pens. You know, he was one of those people who would call you just when you don’t want absolutely anyone calling, offering you something you really don’t need and taking away that little bit of your free time.

He hated the job, utterly, and only made one sale. He felt that it was wrong to trick people into a ‘scam’ of buying a bunch of something they really didn’t need – he even talked his only customer out of the idea by telling him the background story. Even though it was horrible, he gladly remembers the experience, since he is now able to put it far behind him, and adds that it was an important factor and his first experience in being an actor (the rhymes!).

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