21 Famous Ladies Who Like Spring Chicken


We see famous guys hooking up with girls that are way younger than them all the time. It has become the norm. But, when we see a celebrity woman doing the same, we get all nervous and uncomfortable about it, for some reason.

The following famous ladies couldn’t care less about what others say or think. Plus, you know, many of them would have to go out with some really middle-aged dudes if they decided go with their age-group, so there’s that.

1. Sandra Bullock

It’s really hard to put one’s finger on Sandra Bullock. At times, she seems like the coolest actress in Hollywood, doing some really great movies (like Gravity or Demolition Man) and being really smart and mature with her opinions and statements.

Then, at other times, she is this nerdy (and not in a good way) girl who comes off just as artificial as any other woman in Hollywood, making lame romantic comedies and being all smarmy on a Julia Roberts level. Like, for example, she marries a dumbass glorified motorcycle repairman and then wonders why he turned out to be a jerk.

Or, she goes and starts dating Ryan Gosling who happens to be 16 years her junior, which is only made worse by the fact he still looks like he’s 14. And that’s now. Back when Sandra used to date him, he looked about 10 or so.

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