21 Stars Ridiculed For Their Bodies


We live in a society obsessed with physical appearance and this can be quite difficult on people as they are constantly being held up to ideals that are just unrealistic. In the world of celebrities, this can be even more daunting as celebrities are scrutinized more harshly and on a more public level.

Over the years, we have seen innumerable celebrities being singled out as overweight, out-of-shape or called a whole wide range of names that are far more hurtful. We will be looking at 21 of the most famous cases and we will see how those celebs dealt with nasty comments.

1. Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson has garnered a lot of criticism about her acting and her singing over the years. And, while there may be point to this (since that is how she is trying to make a living), no one should be given green light for all the comments that she received for her appearance and especially her weight over the years.

The critics were so harsh on Jessica that her occasional weight gain periods were given official names and everything, remember the “mom jeans debacle” or the “too tight dress issue?” Jessica truly had to endure a lot over the years. In an interview with Oprah, she said that the innumerable jokes and comments were truly hurtful and that she had a hard time even talking about it.

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