These 21 Celebs Are Champions Of Body Positivity


It is often said that we obsess over physical appearance too much and this has been the case for decades now. Only the tall, slender and beautiful are considered worthy enough to become stars and celebrities in their own right.

The good news is that this is changing. We are seeing more and more celebrities who are embracing body positivity, who are obvious examples of this or who simply want their fans to understand that beauty is more than just being tall and thin. Our list is packed full of these celebs, all championing body positivity in one way or another.

1. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the biggest names in Hollywood and she is here to stay. She has the talent, she is funny as hell and she also cares about what message the media and mainstream movies send to young people, especially young girls. For instance, when it was suggested she should lose some weight for her role in The Hunger Games, she flat out refused and instead focused on strength trainings.

She said that she did not want to be the reason why young girls would skip dinners. In an interview with Barbara Walters, she said that fat insults should be regulated like cigarettes and swear words around young people. There have also been times when she was attacked for having curves instead of a stick figure and she always shrugged these off with great poise.

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