Johnny Depp Is Shaken Up About His Divorce


Johnny Depp isn’t taking his messy divorce with Amber Heard very well. The celebrity actor is definitely used to being in the spotlight, but he never had to deal with so much bad publicity as in the last couple of months. Depp has been silent during the whole fiasco, but the drama about his soon-to-be ex-wife has definitely taken its toll, writes People Magazine.

Depp was accused of being an abuser and mentally unstable since Heard filed for divorce, but luck would have it that he was at the time on another continent, touring through Europe with his band, the Hollywood Vampires. True, you can’t hide from the scorn of social media, but the distance did soften the blow, say sources close to Depp.

It looks like Depp just wants to get it all over with so that he can continue his life without all the stress he is currently exposed to. Meanwhile, Depp’s friends are holding a strong united front in claiming that he never abused Heard, and that she’s doing all of this for the money.

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