21 UK Celebs Who Survived Coming Out


Coming out to the world as gay is far from easy. Despite the fact that homosexuals are fully accepted in some parts of the world, there will always be people who will give them a hard time for finding the strength to be who they really are.

These 21 British stars, who refused to live a lie and embraced their sexualities, should serve as an inspiration to us all because they have fought for themselves and others, and encouraged us to have more understanding for our fellow human beings.

1. Gareth Thomas ‘Alfie’

One of the best Welsh athletes, Gareth Thomas ‘Alfie’, went down in history as the man who captained Wales to their first Grand Slam victory in almost 30 years. Apart from establishing himself as a living legend when it comes to sports, Alfie also became the poster boy for handsome gay athletes after publicly coming out as gay in 2009.

He used his fame and fortune to help young LGBT people accept their sexuality. Moreover, Thomas supports the charity ChildLine, a telephone hotline that provides counsel for struggling children and teens.

Gareth once told the Guardian that he didn’t know if his life was going to be easier because he was out, but concluded that, if it helped someone else, if it made one young person call ChildLine, it would have been worth it.

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