50 Cent Calls Sean Diddy Combs & Rick Ross Gay Lovers


50 Cent has publically said on his Instagram page that rap artists Sean Diddy Combs and Rick Ross were gay lovers. We wonder where that came from.

50 Cent took to his Instagram account and uploaded several photos of Combs, Ross and former record executive Steve Stoute hugging together, adding the caption, “I ain’t saying nothing, but something ain’t right (sic).”

The In Da Club hitmaker took the posts down shortly after.

According to TMZ.com, he has been at odds with Ross and Comps for years but it all escalated when Stoute provoked him, saying that he was a “has-been” rap star in a VH1 documentary.

Rick Ross started his own argument with the rapper in 2009, stating that 50 Cent looked at him the wrong way, and the pair has threatened each other over the years.

The duo, Cent and Diddy, have attempted to resolve things on a couple of occasions, but obviously without success.

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