Idina Menzel Bosses Exploit John Travolta’s Blunder


The marketing team working on a new Broadway show with Idina Menzel got the most out of John Travolta’s sincere pronunciation mistake at the Oscars.

However, Travolta did cause a public outrage after introducing Menzel’s performance of “Let It Go” at the Oscars by mispronouncing her name.

Nonetheless, it seems, the mistake came at the right moment for her marketing team who took advantage of botched pronunciation for her new musical If/Then.

They posted new ads on the official Facebook and Twitter pages of the show with the tagline “You Know Her Name”.

To make them even catchier, they used a photo of Menzel performing her Oscar-winning tune at the Academy Awards on Sunday night.

The last time Menzel performed on Broadway was for her Tony Award-winning role in Wicked a decade ago.

However, her new musical If/Then is scheduled to open in New York City tomorrow.

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