Jared Leto Shares Harrison Ford’s Pizza Accident At The Oscars


According to Jared Leto, legendary actor Harrison Ford came across an unexpected problem during the Oscars.

He spilled the toppings of Ellen DeGeneres’ delivered pizza all over his shirt.

The three hours long Academy Awards seemed too long to Ellen so she handed out slices of pizza to the starving celebrities, but Ford turned out to be a bit clumsier than the rest.

The Best Supporting Actor winner Jared Leto sat in front of Ford and revealed yesterday on DeGeneres’ show, “I’m a massive fan of his and he knows that, so I think it will be okay me telling the story, so when you handed out the pizza, Harrison Ford grabbed a slice.”

He was very hungry, took a big bite of the slice, I looked over my shoulder and it spilled right down his shirt… It was all down his shirt and he went back to try to clean it up but then I just saw him leave.”

“I knew he’d have the munchies,” DeGeneres joked.

Also, he revealed a detail from one of the after parties where his mum ended up dancing with Madonna.

It was one of the highlights of my night… I got home at the cracka** of dawn, maybe 6.00am. Don’t feel sorry for me. This is a time to rebel. This is a sunrise you want to see,” Leto added.

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