50 Cent Declares Bankruptcy


Once upon a time, 50 Cent was rapped “Get Rich or Die Tryin'”. However, it seems as though he didn’t consider the possibility cover was getting rich and then losing all of the money. Well, that’s exactly what happened to the once huge rap star who declared bankruptcy this Monday.

The nail in the coffin that has been his financial situation these last few months was the verdict which awarded Lavonia Leviston with $5 million of 50’s money.

Who is Lavonia and how she earned that money, you ask?

Lavonia is the mother of Rick Ross‘ baby and she was featured in a sex tape that 50 got his hands on. Wanting to embarrass Ross, he leaked the tape and Lavonia sued him. She won the case and the rest is history.

It seems impossible that $5 million is something that would push 50 into bankruptcy, but it was perfectly enough. Namely, his liabilities already closely matched his assets and these $5 million were simply too much.

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