Former Cosby Show Actor Claims Bill Cosby Is Guilty


Bill Cosby sure isn’t getting out of this pit of doom anytime soon, what with all the public apparently beginning to unite in the opinion that the comedian is absolutely guilty of rape. Former Cosby Show actor Joseph C. Phillips released a statement on Monday saying that Bill is, without a doubt, guilty. The blog post comes just days after Cosby admitted to obtaining quaaludes with the intention of drugging women in order to have sex with them.

Phillips goes even futher when he describes the influence Bill has had on his life and career. He remembers that when he (Phillips) first joined the show in 1989, it was obvious that Cosby cheated on his wife. It was also common knowledge that he liked to play around with other women in general.

At the end of the post, Phillips begs Cosby to retire and leave the public spotlight, reminding him that he has a loving family, a loyal wife and more money than he can possibly spend.

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