21 Celebrities Who Still Live With Their Parents


You’d think that all celebrities would jump at the chance of having a place of their own so that they could spread out and live the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

That’s why it might come as a bit of a surprise to find out that some well-known faces are happy to live with their parents – maybe they just love all that home cooking.

Here are 21 celebs who have no intention of moving out of their parents’ home:

1. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer has always been in the spotlight for a number of reasons – she’s gorgeous, she’s one of the frankest and most straightforward actresses in showbiz, she’s landed successful roles which put her close to the top of the charts, and she’s openly spoken about gender inequality in the TV industry. Apart from that, she’s one heck of a joker, and her honest and sincere humor knows no boundaries.

Some have even called her a bit “odd,” but that’s because she’s really just a normal person, like everybody else. She likes hanging out with friends, she has a boyfriend that she loves, she has her flaws and virtues, and she still lives in her parents’ condo. In fact, she even said that moving into a big mansion all by herself would probably be the most bizarre thing ever.

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