19 Things You Didn’t Know About Emma Watson


If you watched the Harry Potter franchise (which we’re pretty sure everyone has), you saw Emma Watson grow from a precocious little girl into an elegant and composed young woman.

What you might not know is that there is a lot more to this actress than magic wands and spells. Catch up with Watson and see what else she’s been up to since the franchise that made her a household name.

1. She Works Closely With People Tree

After her stint at Hogwarts, Watson went on to model, an experience that brought her to partner closely with People Tree. People Tree supports fair practice and fair production methods throughout the fashion industry, and Watson is one of their primary supporters.

Emma shows that the clothing industry can provide decent working conditions for people in Far East Asia. To be precise, Bangladesh, where the factory is located. She proves that she doesn’t only have both smarts and looks, but that she has a humanist instinct to help people in poor countries earn their living while making fashionable clothes.

The Harry Potter star has made collections with People Tree, and has been very assertive with the idea of fair-trade clothing. She’s made three collections with People Tree thus far.

The gorgeous young actress has already been to Bangladesh to check out the kind of environment people work in, and to see the entire process of creating her collection firsthand.

Emma said, “The design process continued with me trying on each and every piece to get the fits just as I wanted them, and then I visited Bangladesh to see the clothing actually being made and meet the people making it.”

“It was an incredible and life-changing experience. I wish everyone had the chance to see the difference Fairtrade makes.”

“Together we decided on all the colours, fabrics, shapes and craft skills. Most of all, we took care to design a really wearable collection that truly celebrates the traditional skills of People Tree’s Fairtrade groups around the world.”

Recent information says that Watson’s ethical fashion production has been put on hold. Unfortunately for the young star, model and designer, the sales have not been going smoothly, “Even at knockdown prices, the clothes were still sitting on the shelves.” However, she will continue to do design and maybe purchases will increase.

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