20 Celebrities Who Physically Share The Fame With Their Twins


It’s difficult for the average person to imagine being a celebrity. Have you ever stopped to wonder what it would be like to be a celebrity’s twin?What if the person you’d shared your entire life with suddenly became incredibly famous? Even stranger, what if you were identical in appearance to that person and you were constantly being mistaken for them? Here are 20 celebrities with twins that were forced to discover the answers to these mind-blowing questions:

1. Ashton Kutcher

Ashton is older than his twin by 5 minutes and the brothers definitely aren’t identical in the looks department. Ashton Kutcher soaks up the spotlight, but it seems that his twin brother Michael Kutcher shies away from it. Ever wondered why?

Michael Kutcher has cerebral palsy and he also had a heart transplant when he was fairly young. With love and support from his family, and especially his big brother Ashton, Michael survived all this and continues to fight, being an inspiration to us all. Ashton was born first, healthy at 10.5 pounds. Mike calls twin brother ‘Jabba the Hutt’, the slug-like gigantic monster in “Star Wars” series. A few minutes later, Mike came. He was very small, just 4 pounds and was over-oxygenated.

Mike remembers, “The doctor told my parents, ‘You might want to name and baptize him. He may not survive.’ Of course, Jabba the Hutt was fine. I tell people he must have ate everything while we were in the womb.”

When the boys were 3, their mom realized that while Ashton was running around just fine, Mike was not moving the way he should, was lagging behind and just seemed generally “slow.” Not long after that, doctors diagnosed him with cerebral palsy.

“For those of you who don’t know what cerebral palsy is, it’s a disability that mostly affects motor function,” Mike says.

He has difficulties, his walk is impaired as well as is his speech. He also can’t perform physical tasks with the right side of hos body, is 80 percent deaf in his left ear and has had two cataract surgeries so far.After he had open-heart surgery, he had to stop trying to keep up with Ashton, who was always the athlete. Now he likes golf.

“I decided to stop being Ashton’s brother and start being Michael Kutcher.”

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