20 Deep Dark Secrets Of The Kardashian Family


Some people love them; others believe they are the harbingers of doom that have been sent to Earth to make the Apocalypse seem less horrendous. Some watch over their every move; others do not even recognize them as glitches in their everyday lives.

In any case, no one can deny that the Kardashian-Jenner Conglomerate has captivated the public’s mind and that they are, in a way (perhaps a very scary way) a picture of where we are as a country and perhaps even a species.

And of course, like every family, they have their dark little secrets. Well, today, we are digging deep into them and investigating all of the dirty and dark things that the Kardashians think people have forgotten about.

1. Sweat Shop Controversy

Much of the stuff that is manufactured in China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Bangladesh and other counties in the South to East Asia is made in sweat shops. If it’s not made in a sweat shop, the factory or plant this stuff comes from is probably not far off in atrocious conditions.

It is a fact. It is a fact of the world we live in and it is up to you to decide how you feel about this. It is a simple fact.

It is also a fact that some of the Kardashian brand products and clothes were and some probably still are being manufactured in such sweat shops. They may say that they didn’t know or that it is all because of the manufacturers who work without their input, but they knew.

Unless they are absolutely oblivious to the world we live in and how money is made, they knew.

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  • Matt Williamson

    Notice how all the people defending the Kardashians seem to struggle with basic sentence structure?
    I Mean Like Leave Them Just ALONE !!! Maybe YOU Are Just Jealous . Beacause Kim!! Is Amazing And Has Worked For All Her Money!!! And Fame !!!

    End of the day, someone needs to stop them from degrading society any further.
    I try to warn people that watching their shows will make them “stupider” but they just tell me I am jealous of them… HAHAHAHAHA… actually, it makes me want to cry.

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  • Roxy

    This is a family from the pit of hell. Kris has destroyed her family’s reputation and her daughters all bcoz of money-hunger. I think the TV folks regret having a reality show for this horrible family. I honestly think Lamar Odom divorced bcoz of the whole family and what they represent in the American society. Scott Disick must have become alcoholic due to depression.

  • fufu

    They are all trash! After reading about them’ I feel like I need a shower. That clothes lime looks cheap! We make fun of those that wear the stuff

  • dieniggerdie

    Khloe look like my turdd Kim like my sack

    • Joana Santos

      i m sure u don t do better than them

  • Guest

    Poor thang she(KHLOE) is so unattractive!

    • Joana Santos

      i m sure u look better

  • Areader

    Why would Alex Roldan sign a 30 million dollar non-disclosure agreement…..could it be because Kris Jenner made it worth his while financially!


    mark my words kim and kanya will b divorced quicker than you no it, and then he will b another oj. death to kim

  • Jessica

    I hate them so much. Every fcking Member.

  • marytg

    funny how she had a dna test to see if her Mom was her mother . But no test to see who he Dad is

  • Dev2008

    Lamar has been a drug addict most of his adult life, or at least 12 years plus. Khloe got him clean and back playing basket ball without telling a soul. Lamar like most addicts is going to attack and blame others. Nice try druggie, but it never works.

  • Eric Lovermore

    I hate them and wish they would just go away. Forever.

    • Bellashay

      You Have A REMOTE CONTROL ? Don’t watch !! Because They aren’t going away anytime Soon !! Don’t Hate !! Maybe You only wish You had Their Fame and Fortune !

    • Joana Santos

      yes, change the chanel, don t read it, don t comment…u will be happier if u don t waist ur precious time here and hate on people

  • Ca77andra

    They all look like they came from different men. Courtney is so short, Kim is tall and Kloe is even taller. They all have different body types. Except for some resemblence to Kris they don’t look like sisters at all.

    • Jaime

      How is Kim tall at 5’3?

    • Bellashay

      Don’t You Have A Mom and a Dad ?? Who Did You Get Your Looks from ? There is Such a thing called looking like Your Mother or Father and the Person May get their looks from either side.Kim, Courtney, and Khloe all have the same Father and His Name is Robert Kardashin. I sure DON’T know where You Get that Kim is tall !! It’s NOT as if they are Triplets , Ofcourse they all have different body types. Your just JEALIOUS and wish you looked half as good as they do. DON’T HATE !!

      • MeMe


  • Belle

    Khloe looks more like OJ Simpson, than Alex Roldan… I suspect being a long-time friend of her mother, Alex agreed to be the ‘decoy’ father in this situation…
    I was always hoping Khloe and Lamar would have a son…Can you imagine?? The child would be Athletic royalty!

  • wtny64

    I always thought OJ was the ‘deep dark secret’ of Kris Jenner.

  • Janet697

    the whole family is nothing but publicity hounds and classless bimboes including the loser brother but started by the hose bag mother.

  • Notfromhereyetanywhere Notfrom

    this one is really gross

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  • eve

    She is a media whore who would sell her family’s shame to the highest bidder, while steadfastly proclaiming her adoration of them. She’s becoming irrelevant so she invents headlines. She has emasculated a retired world class athlete, pimped her daughters, and is now an aging cougar on the loose. I’m embarassed for this nation that has pandered to her ambition and excessive exploitation of sex, calling it ‘glamour’. She will reap the whirlwind and not soon enough. And living in a fishbowl, we will get a frontline seat.

    • Mellow Jessica

      not just a word-class athlete, btw, but the freakin’ Olympic decathlon champion! That is the most old-school, complete event at the Summer Olympics, and this evil woman has made its master subservient to her.

      She IS the devil!

      • Dev2008

        Bruce is working towards a sex change and has been for years. His two wives prior to Kris said as much.

        • Bella

          You were right

  • jan

    I am so sick of the Kardashians. It’s time for a change in programing, someone needs to tell Ryan Seacrest his show is on it’s last leg. We are not perfect by no means. We all make mistakes, so take a bow and let the curtain come down.

  • Hadland

    What is a 30 million dollar non-disclosure agreement? Does that mean he was paid that amount to maintain confidentiality?

  • Mellow Jessica

    Kim is a slore.

    • PeterMcPumpkin

      You r jealous

      • Mellow Jessica

        Yes, I envy that slore’s wealth & fame, but I’m relieved not to be suffering from jungle-fever, or huge-bottom syndrome.

        • guest

          You Only Wish You Looked Half as Good as Kim !! She is a Beautiful Woman . Kim started as a Young Teen Working for other Celeb Women organizing Their Closets . Kim Has Worked For Everything She Has and Deserves Her Bentely, etc.That Girl isn’t Suffering from anything ! Kim has a Beautiful Baby Girl and a Wonderful Man, That Loves Her!! Don’t Hate !

        • marytg

          how many men has she , her mother and sister sleped with before the jerk she is married too. She may have all the money in the world I doupt they are happy. I am happy with some money I worked for I don’t need millions

        • Janet697

          yes and if you ever listen to any of the family they always now say Kim the baby and the nurse live in the house. Thug kayne is long gone.

        • guest

          Really no one lives with Kim or her family all everyone know it’s what they read about that is not all they are about how can kanye be a thug im sorry Justin beiber do alot more than kanye and no one calls him a thug

        • Janet697

          Kim made her money lying on her back in film and sleeping with every black athlete she could get her claws into. She has a sweet baby girl whose both parents Kim and the talentless thug she dates leave with nannies rather than caring for their kid themselves. Skanks both of them

        • BbcBbmichelle

          Ok I don’t like the racist remarks. But come on….I work in the fashion industry. Kim was dressing Paris Hilton.ummmmmm no disaster fashion wise. Kim is known for laying on her back for men. The game, nick cannon, Ray j, Reggie bush. Do you see a pattern here

        • Joana Santos

          so u r all virgins or u only slept with 1 person ur all life? most of people on earth did the same as she, just happen that they don t have all the magazzines talking about it

        • tink

          You don’t like racist remarks and follow it up with her having slept with black men… ok. Now I don’t like that trashbag any more than the next, but why bring race into it at all? She isn’t white. If she had slept with all white men would you react the same and list them off? No, so your comment is racist, not even to her, to black men. Who cares if she has a preference to black men, do you have a preference to white men? Is it wrong for her to have a preference because it’s not the same as yours? I’m so sick of the closet racists in the world. Segregation -_-

        • guest

          wonderful? haven’t you read about kanye? he has abad temper, she is not lucky to have him!

        • Roxy

          What is wrong with you? Nobody in their right mind wants to look like them! The only one with genuine looks is Kendall. The rest have tons of plastic surgery on them. Get a grip. No one wants what they stand for.

        • Dev2008

          I guess to you being a racist is better? I’d say Peter is right and it’s jealousy. Why go using such language unless you have a deranged sense of envy that is so bad you think being a racist is a good thing?

        • Mellow Jessica

          As I said, I envy the wealth & fame amassed by that slore, but I’m also glad that I don’t have a pimp for a mother, someone who would whore-out my sisters and me, humiliate and shun our brother, and emasculate our father (in the case of Kendall and Kylie).

        • Amilcar

          You are so jealous of her. Go out and get some BBC for yourself

    • Jennifer

      @Mellow Jessica stop with the negative energy !!! Leave the k family aloneeee!

      • Joana Santos

        agreed…i don t really understand if they don t like them why waste your time commenting and reading stuff about them??get a life…go read a book or something.

  • nhrtb


    • penny

      Haters will hate, You people should get over yourselves, I love to watch the K’s its great, wish I could look that good, and have that much money, tv don’t show everything they work their money and deserve what they have. Kodo,s to the K,s

  • fflugnutssf

    Interesting -especially considering BJ is a homophobic carp bag! One example is that he refused to film w/the Village People (“those maggots”) during Can’t Stop The Music!
    I guess it’s true that Kris wears the.pants in the family!

  • rick

    A bunch of low-lifes.

  • MMBR50

    The Kardashians are nothing but a family of whores, starting with Kris.

    • Pras

      You’re being too generous – these women have huge influence so I think they are way worse than any prostitute,

      • Mudbro

        Really? You know nothing about them

        • Ardeare

          Those girls have made more trips to Beverly Hills Hotel than concierge.

        • rhona g

          we know when we read the publicity, they are money hungry too!

  • albanet

    Uh, cute that he wears womens clothes? NOT

  • NDNchief


    • Goldberg brain