7 Tantalizing Revelations Of The Braxton Family


With a show as explosive as Braxton Family Values it’s hard to believe that there’s even more drama behind the scenes of this picture perfect portrait of dysfunction.

Show premiered on April 12, 2011, and it was designed to reveal much more than the personal lives of the Braxton family.

Unfortunately, as the show started getting famous, the most viewed episodes were the ones with conflicts and fights, usually about infidelity. Although their lives are public, the Braxton family has many more secrets to share.

1. Allegations of Abuse

It’s hard to believe that Vince would harm a fly, but more than one account of abuse allegations have come to the surface.

Some of them were saying that Tamar is afraid of Vince, and has been beaten on a couple of occasions.

Is this true or not? We hope not but only time will tell. With the domestic violence only increasing in the USA and especially among the Celeb couples, it’s a good time to bring attention to this subject.

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