A Single Beyoncé Could Conquer The World


“She is going to be the most powerful woman in the world, hanging out with Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey and Blue Ivy and talking about being a single mom,” says one crisis coach who has helped other celebrities with their rise to even bigger stardom after a split up.

“The goddess suddenly becomes even more relatable to women everywhere.” Of course, it’s about Beyoncé and Jay Z. they might stay together, hopefully, but there are still rumors saying the big marriage is almost over.

The first family of hip hop it’s turning the “On the Run” tour into a $100 million check. But Jay Z and Beyoncé’s other business adventures, such as his 40/40 clubs and sports agency, her Pepsi and L’Oreal deals will thrive if they move on as single people.

Jay’s deals were Jay’s deals, and Beyoncé’s deals were Beyoncé’s deals, and there was very little overlap besides this tour,” said Ryan Schinman, CEO of Platinum Rye Entertainment.

But she would benefit more, especially if his infidelity is the reason.

Her brand is all about being fierce and being a strong woman and not needing a man to make her happy,” said the crisis coach. “But if more cheating rumors come out, and she looks like she is standing by her man, that might hurt her more, professionally, than leaving him.”

So far, the Carters are following the public split playbook to its fullest, continuing to perform sold-out shows on their tour and carefully managing Beyoncé’s Instagram.com page to show a picture-perfect family.

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