Katy Perry: Singer-Turned-Pizza



When it comes to fashion, this pop star has gone crazy for the pepperoni pie, as she was wearing the pattern on her onesie after her Philadelphia concert on Tuesday night, August 5.

We’re are sure she is not having it as much as she might like in real life as she looks hot, but it certainly has made an impact on the crowd, as hundreds of fans mobbed her.

After the ‘Dark Horse’ singer made an announcement on stage, stating that she would come to the top of the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps to welcome her fans, they gathered to greet her.

However, when she arrived to the museum after her second gig in Pennsylvania’s largest city, the huge crowds meant many were left disappointed.

Tuesday evening was just one of the many recent shocks involving her adored pizza print.

In her newest video, Katy is wearing a pepperoni pizza one-piece swimsuit and matching pizza slice earrings, while she is reclining on a sun lounger.

Along with the line ‘It’s no big deal’, she also pays respect to all her young party fans when she says the lines, “This goes out to the ladies at breakfast… in last night’s dress.

“This goes out to all you kids that still have your cars at the club valet… and it’s Tuesday’ and finally says: ‘Shout out to all you kids buying bottle service with your rent money! Respect!”

The proud star took to her Twitter.com page to share the link to the video and captioned lyrics from the song, “#THISISHOWWEDO CHILLIN LAID BACK, STRAIGHT STUNTIN’ YEAH WE DO IT LIKE DAT”

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