Adam Levine Takes A Bag Of Sugar To His Face


Adam Levine was minding his own business, greeting his many fans outside of Jimmy Kimmel’s studio when an attacker unleashed the lethal power of sugar all over the singer’s face and back. Of course, the whole incident was captured by a myriad of smartphones and soon ended up online.

Levine was not hurt in the incident, although getting all that sugar out of his fancy knit sweater will not be an easy task.

The assailant who was subdued and arrested following the attack has not yet been identified, although the sources claim that it is the same guy who threw a rock at Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The bizarre attack suddenly starts to make sense when you consider the fact that Maroon 5’s new single is called Sugar.

We were never huge fans of Levine, but the lame-pun-based celeb-attacker is an even more difficult character to side with.

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