Kris Jenner Desperately Wants To Look Like Daughter Kim Kardashian


Kris Jenner may officially be 59 years old, but she definitely looks twenty years younger. In fact, the mother-of-six can even pull of the same clothes her famous 34-year old daughter wears.

The Kardashian momager was seen wearing the exact same jacket Kim was sporting at the Super Bowl in Glendale, Arizona last year. She didn’t stop there. Like her famous daughter, Jenner had on a low-cut V-neck top and tight black pants. Despite the fact that Jenner was spotted during the evening, she even had similar dark sunglasses on.

Though we have to admit that she looks phenomenal, she doesn’t need to copy Kim. With a body like that, the reality matriarch doesn’t have to be worry about anything – age is just a number. Instead of taking clothes from Kim’s closet, it’s probably about time she found her own style.

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