Amber Heard Takes Out A Restraining Order Against Her Ex Johnny Depp


Well, this whole Johnny Depp – Amber Heard thing escalated quickly. Namely, TMZ has just found out  that Amber has been granted a temporary restraining order by a judge, ordering Johnny to stay at least 100 yards away from her, his wife.

According to TMZ, Amber also got the rights to live in the home the couple shared during their more amicable times together. Amber reportedly had other requests, but the court threw them out, like for instance, her request to restrain Johnny’s access to one of the dogs (for some reason just one even though they have two dogs together).

Heard came to court with her lawyer Samantha Spector and a whole series of photos that showed bruises on her face which were, allegedly, inflicted by Jack Sparrow. TMZ also found out that she had refused to give a statement after a 911 call and that the police officers told her she could contact them later if she changed her mind.

Of course, camp Depp is denying all of this, saying this is an insult to the real victims of domestic violence.

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