American Idol Contestant Arrested For Domestic Violence


Former contestant on the singing reality show American Idol, Constantine Maroulis, has been arrested on domestic violence charges. According to the police report, he was in a fight with his ex-girlfriend.

The fight got physical and the singer ended up pushing her to the floor and then kicking her in the groin. The alleged victim, Angel Reed, is the mother of Maroulis’ daughter, who is four years old. However, according to the singers reps, he did not attack anyone.

Constantine Maroulis’ people say that he was being attacked and that Reed was throwing objects at him and trying to hit him. He then left the home in order to get out of harms way. He was then arrested several hours later at the house.

The two have been together for six years and had just recently broken up. Apparently, Maroulis had broken off the relationship and that’s what the entire fight was about.

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