Zayn Malik And Calvin Harris Start Twitter War Over Taylor Swift


Zayn Malik and Calvin Harris are the latest celebrities to start an online feud on Twitter with several other famous people taking sides and making sure that the fight doesn’t pass unnoticed.

The row started with the former One Direction star retweeting a post from another user, which compared Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift, pointing out to the fact that Miley doesn’t care about money whereas Swift withdrew her music from Spotify over royalties.

The image, which has since been deleted, features images of the two singers in question and their quotes regarding the sales of their albums. Swift was talking about her decision to pull her songs from Spotify while Miley was saying that she has made her money and that she doesn’t care if no one buys her albums.

That obviously infuriated Harris, who is reportedly Taylor’s boyfriend, and prompted him to respond to Malik’s post, using some pretty harsh words. In case you were wondering, Malik’s old bandmate former friend Louis Tomlinson was among the celebs who supported Harris. Here’s their entire feud:

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