Amy Schumer Slams Glamour Mag For Calling Her ‘Plus-Size’


Amy Schumer took to Instagram to state that she has nothing against plus-size women but pointed out that she does not feel like one. The Trainwreck star clarified that plus-size is considered 16 in the US whereas she’s somewhere between a size 6 and an 8.

Now, we all know that Schumer is positive about her body, so it’s obvious that she didn’t go on a rant for no reason. The actress and comedian shared this statement about plus-size gals because Glamour Magazine included her in their plus-size issue without asking for her permission or even telling her that she would be in the mag. Schumer concluded that what Glamour did was definitely not glamorous.

Since Amy’s a celebrity and all, the magazine issued a statement to People, claiming that the last thing they wanted to do was offend her. They also said that they included her in the special edition that says ‘Women Who Inspire Us,’ arguing that they didn’t describe her as plus-size.

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