It Seems That Janet Jackson Might Be Pregnant


Could celebrity singer Janet Jackson finally be pregnant? It appears to be that way. Jackson just postponed he rest of her tour, saying that she and her husband, businessman Wissam Al Mana, need time to focus on planning their family together.

And while that’s not a clear confirmation that she is pregnant, it’s pretty close. The 49-year-old singer also said that doctors have told her to rest up, so that must mean she’s pregnant, right?

Jackson has been touring the world promoting her Unbreakable album, and it’s the first time she has been back on the road in close to four years. Which is the only sad party, really. Jackson said that she is going to miss performing and connecting with fans while she takes care of her family business. Jackson and Al Mana have been married since 2012. Here’s hoping that they are going to bringing a baby into the world together.

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