Blac Chyna Is Training Rob Kardashian In Weight Loss Push


Rob Kardashian wants to lose weight and he wants to shed the pounds quickly. And his bride-to-be, model Blac Chyna, is ready to help him do it.

Chyna released a couple of Snapchats yesterday regarding the matter. In the first one, Rob is stepping on a scale, which says that he weighs close to 250 pounds. In the next Snapchat, the reality television celebrity is already on the treadmill putting work in.

The Kardashian has been bouncing back and forth with his weight for a long time, and the fact that he was struggling with depression did not help him much either. But now that he has found happiness and love with Chyna, he is ready to finally say goodbye to the pounds for good.

His target weight is 200 pounds and he wants to lose it in five weeks, before Chyna‘s birthday. In the Snapchat video, Chyna pledges to be his personal trainer and help him achieve the goal.

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