Rob Kardashian Confirms He Dropped His Family For Blac Chyna

Kourtney Kardashian with Robert Kardashian Jr and Khloe Kardashian

Rob Kardashian shared a controversial, yet comical (we hope, at least) post on his Instagram profile, claiming that he’s denounced his entire family because of his relationship with Blac Chyna. To quote him:

“When the p***y good but your family don’t like her so you drop your family and become an orphan.”

The quote was finished off by a couple of joy emojis, which suggests that the celebrity was indeed making a joke. The whole situation was brought up by the fact that Blac Chyna has a pretty complicated relationship with the entire Kardashian/Jenner family, largely due to her previous relationship with Tyga (who is now dating Kylie Jenner), with whom she has a child.

The Kardashians never hesitated to let Rob know that they disapprove of their relationship. After Rob’s mother Kris Jenner helped Rob buy a house and stock up on groceries, Chyna decided it would be fun to post a video ridiculing her choices in food. This is no doubt part of the reason why the Kardashians want nothing to do with her.


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