Salma Hayek Finds Out Who Killed Her Dog


We usually do not feature sad celebrity news like this, but we just cannot believe what is happening. Namely, earlier this month, Salma Hayek’s dog was shot by a pellet gun and it succumbed to the injuries. Mozart was 9 years old when he was shot but managed to find his way home where he died.

It turns out that it was Salma’s neighbor who shot Mozart and he confessed it straight away when confronted by the police. The twist of the story? He is not going to incur any consequences for executing Salma’s pooch.

Namely, according to the police, the dog was on the man’s property and he had every legal right to kill the animal. The neighbor of course tried to explain his action, saying that Mozart was always in his yard and attacking his dogs.

So, he did what every red-blooded American would and shot the fricking dog! Man, it takes serious nerves not to lose it sometimes.

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