How Much Is Justin Bieber Worth At 22?


Not only has Justin Bieber matured a lot over the last year, he’s also made a ton of money. Looking back almost a decade, when he was a 13-year-old YouTube celebrity, it’s hard to believe how far he has come.

According to estimates, his current net worth is at about $200 million. That’s almost ten million for every year he has been on this Earth! But the scary part his estimated earning power, which shows that he is just getting started. That figure states that Bieber is well on his way to possibly making in between $60-80 million per year!

Of course, most of his cash comes from his insanely profitable music career. His latest album “Purpose” sold a million copies in just one week. Since coming back into the spotlight of the music world in 2015, he has had three tracks dominate the Billboard charts. How did his prior albums do? Bieber’s three previous releases earned him more than $16 million dollars.

That’s not even taking into consideration his biggest source of income – tours. He earned $44 million in 2010, $12 million in 2012 and another 42 million in 2013.


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