Kourtney Kardashian Is “All Smiles” When Talking About Justin Bieber


People have been wondering for a while whether there is something going on between reality star Kourtney Kardashian and pop superstar Justin Bieber.

The two have been seen out and about in situations that looked pretty romantic recently, but there are still no confirmations on whether or not the two are an item.

As a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, she was asked about Bieber, and her answer certainly raises some questions about their relationship.

While Kourtney said that she and Bieber are “friends,” her smile told another story. DeGeneres noticed, saying that her smile suggests that they are more than friends.

Could they be an item? There certainly is a big age difference between Kourtney (36 and mother of three) and Bieber (21), but age is just a number, isn’t it?

Don’t be shy, Kourtney. Tell us!

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