Mariah Carey To Marry Australian Billionaire


Singer Mariah Carey didn’t waste any time finding a new hubby. After breaking it off with husband Nick Cannon after six years, Carey is ready to tie the knot again.

Her new husband will be Australian Billionaire James Packer. The two have been dating for only about seven months, but apparently he has already popped the question and Carey has accepted. The two seem to be the perfect couple. Carey is one of the most successful pop singers of all time, so it’s hard to find someone as success as she is to date. But Packer is just that.

He is the fourth wealthiest Australian and owns a huge casino business. He’s apparently worth close to $3.5 billion. There’s no news yet on where and when the wedding will take place. Packer is 48 and Carey is 45.


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