Christian Slater Calls Dad Crazy, Gets Sued


Christian Slater never really became the star we all thought he would become. His personal troubles kept him off the A-list, although he is making a comeback of sorts with his role on Mr. Robot.

That being said, he was always more involved in the world of celebrity gossip than that of grade-A acting. This week, he is doing the same old thing, getting into trouble, this time with his own dad. Namely, according to his dad Michael Dawkins, whom you might have seen in The Amityville Horror or Midnight Run, Christian defamed him in an interview he recently gave, saying that he was a manic-depressive schizophrenic.

Of course, he doesn’t like this one bit and claims this has ruined any chance he had of reigniting his acting career. He is now taking legal action against his own son, filing a $20 million defamation suit. Ah, Christian, don’t ever stop being yourself, please.

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