Dr. Luke Says He Didn’t Rape Kesha


It was only a matter of time before we heard from the other side in the Kesha vs. Dr. Luke contract-rape case which was decided in the producer’s favor by the court. After a number of celebrities supported Kesha publicly, he decided to address the public himself and he did it on Twitter.

Above everything else, he told the public that he not only never assaulted or raped Kesha, but that the two of them never even had sex. He touched upon the celebrity support that the famous singer has had over these last few days, saying that he understands the support and the compassion and that he even admires it.

Among other things, he also remembered to mention Mark Gregaros, Kesha’s attorney and the legal representative of Chris Brown when he beat up on Rihanna and Scott Peterson when he killed his wife. Dr. Luke said how he couldn’t really see Gregaros as a champion of women’s rights.

All in all, he said everything everyone expected him to say. Whether we believe him is a whole other stor

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