Demi Lovato Attacks Taylor Swift Over Kesha Donation


A whole lot of this weekend’s celebrity news were dedicated to Kesha’s legal battles with her agent Dr. Luke and her attempts to get away from him and her contract. One of the main reasons the public became interested in this particular celebrity tidbit is that the famous singer also accused her agent of sexual and physical abuse (which he denied, of course).

A number of high-profile celebrities voiced their support of Kesha these last few years, from Lady Gaga to Ariana Grande. Taylor Swift decided to put her money where her mouth is and she donated quarter of a million to Kesha for her legal needs.

Which, for some reason, didn’t sit well with Demi Lovato. Namely, she came forward, saying that Taylor’s move was cowardly and that she should have also gone public in her support. Taylor then showed once again why she is the coolest, by saying this makes much more sense and that simply voicing one’s concerns is mostly self-promotion. Demi exploded and her next response even included expletives, saying self-promotion wasn’t the last thing on her mind.

Yeah, right.

Read more about Kesha’s troubles:

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