Jennifer Lawrence Is Better Than You


God forbid anyone even dreams of saying something bad about Jennifer Lawrence. To paraphrase a popular movie, if you even dream of trash talking everyone’s favorite celebrity, you’d better wake up and apologize. Okay, she is affable enough and a decent actress, but she is not the most immaculate human being that has ever lived. That is called blind fandom.

And before you start calling for my head on a plate, please read on and find out how Jennifer thinks she is better than you, a puny mortal whose only purpose on this world is to buy tickets to her movies and bow your head when she walks by.

Yesterday, she and a friend were at Alexander Wang’s store in NYC and they had the entire store to themselves. The store was locked down andthe blinds were pulled so that the two of them could shop without commoner riff-raff polluting the air around them.

The commoner riff-raff had to wait outside in freezing weather until the Superior Being was done with her shopping.

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