Rob Kardashian Is Done Hiding Out


Rob Kardashian has been known not only as the only male sibling in the family, but also the only member of the family that shuns the spotlight. Can you believe it? A Kardashian that doesn’t want to be a celebrity! He left the family’s reality show and he seems to always avoid calling attention to himself.

Some people within the Kardashian clan were even worried about him, wondering if he was depressed. He was also troubled by the fact that every time the paparazzi took a picture of him, all they would talk about is the weight he gained.

But dating a model like Blac Chyna can do a lot for your self esteem! Rob is officially out of hiding and is even sharing pictures of him and Chyna hanging out on his Snapchat.

The situation is complicated though. It has to be, it’s the Kardashians. As you probably remember, Chyna has a son with rapper Tyga, who is currently dating Rob’s younger sister Kylie. But it’s good to see that Rob is finally out of hiding and looking like he’s really enjoying life and his new relationship.

Rob & Blac, today ? #RobKardashian & #BlacChyna vía Snapchat

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