Kanye West Claims He’s In Massive Debt, Asks Zuckerberg For Help


In the celebrity world, Kanye West is definitely the guru of controversy. This guy’s megalomaniac approach to his life and career leaves us all with more than a few chuckles every time we witness one of his episodes. Today, however, Kanye decided to show his vulnerable side. Apparently, the rapper is in serious debt, reportedly around $53 million. So, of course, the first person he asked for a loan via Twitter was Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. More specifically, Kanye asked Mark to “invest 1 billion dollars” into his ideas.

Needless to say, there was no reply from Zuckerberg. West then decided to move on to Larry David to see if he was more willing to help him out. Unfortunately for Kanye, he wasn’t all that keen on giving him a reply either, so there was nothing left for Kanye to do than keep blasting out tweets about his financial misfortune.

But maybe we’re being a bit too hard on Kanye; after all, this all may be a clever joke. If so, he definitely managed to make us laugh.





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