Kesha’s Mom’s Letter To Dr. Luke’s Lawyer Sounds An Awful Lot Like Extortion


A couple of days ago Kesha sued her longtime producer Dr. Luke for sexual and emotional, as well as physical abuse. He sued her right back, of course.

Kesha’s mom, Pebe Sebert, also wrote a letter to Dr. Luke’s lawyer that has a distinct smell of extortion to it.

She basically says that if he doesn’t release her daughter from her contract, they will come forward with all the bad things he did to her.

For example, the time he date-raped her at Nicky Hilton’s birthday party when he allegedly drugged Kesha and the next day she was no longer a virgin. She says that he needs to release Kesha from all binding contracts and give her, Kesha’s mom, all the publishing back.

The sad thing about this is that it seems Kesha’s mother is all about putting her paws on her daughter’s earnings. Meanwhile, Dr. Luke denies everything and says that Kesha and her mother even admitted to lying about the abuse.

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