We Get It – Taylor Swift Loves Cats


If you aren’t aware of the fact that singer Taylor Swift really loves cats, then you will be totally aware of this fact once you see her new commercial for Diet Coke.

And if you are a fan of the pop diva, there’s another reason to watch the ad – she’s debuting parts of a brand new song in it as well.

Swift herself said that the commercial depicts her dream world, where she is constantly surrounded by cute and cuddly cats. Her own cat, Olivia Benson, even makes an appearance in the commercial.

If you have been keeping up with cats and Swift, then you know already that her cat Olivia was recently targeted by actor and comedian John Cleese. While guesting on a television show with Swift, Cleese saw the cat and called her one of the weirdest cats he’s ever seen. He was especially concerned by the appearance of Olivia’s strangely folded ears.

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