Jennifer Garner Admits To Streaking While In College

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When you think of actress Jennifer Garner, you usually thing of her has a pretty wholesome person that doesn’t get involved in any weird news stories or scandals.

However, she admitted to Conan O’Brien on his show this week that she used to get pretty crazy in college.

Garner said that she was never a party girl and didn’t like to drink like the majority of college students do. However, she said that she was very fond of streaking.

Garner said that she would regularly run naked all over campus, and that she would do it all summer. Not only did she admit to being a streaker during college, she also said that she was probably considered the leader of the college streakers and that she was in charge of the group of friends that streaked all summer.

Asked why she did that, Garner said that she wasn’t sure, adding that she was simply “in a naked frame of mind” at the time.

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