National Review Calls Lena Dunham’s Rape Confession ’Gutless’


Although Lena Dunham didn’t pose for the cover of the National Review or give the conservative publication an interview, they wrote a cover story about the actress and called her rape revelation “a gutless and passive-agressive act”.

The photo illustration features the words cowardice, narcissism and sex tattooed on Dunham’s arm. Even though this is not the first time similar accusations have been pointed at the 28-year-old actress, writer and director, the author of the story Pathetic Priviledge, Kevin Williamson, took things to another level.

‘’As a literary stratagem — laying down a marker in the popular culture without making herself vulnerable to accusations that she might be taking herself too seriously — the maneuver is transparent…. Specifically, she uses it in her memoir to accuse a man of rape without having to take responsibility for the accusation.”

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