Andre 3000 Wants Leo To Play Him In Biopic


Andre 3000 has been on a reunion tour with his seminal hip-hop group Outkast for most of the year. He is now gearing up to promote his latest film project – a biopic based on the life of Jimi Hendrix, who Andre was tapped to play.

While promoting the movie at a press conference, Andre was asked who we would like to play him if a movie about his life and career were ever made. And the answer he gave will definitely surprise you.

Three Stacks said that he would like Leonardo DiCaprio to play him. Wait, what? He answered stating that if there was ever going to be an Outkast movie, it should be a goofy comedy, not a serious biopic.

That’s why he said that it would just be better to have fun with it and cast a very random and nonsensical choice to play him. Andre also said that Kevin Hart would be perfect for portraying his Outkast partner Big Boi.

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