Strange Women Keep Breaking Into Keanu Reeves’ Home


What are the chances that two women try to break into actor Keanu Reeves’ home in the same week? Well, according to media reports, it totally happened.

A couple days ago, Reeves heard some noises in his home and then ended up finding a strange 40 year old woman sitting in his library.

On the next day literally, Keanu’s cleaning crew called him to inform him that there was yet another strange woman in his home, who was skinny dipping in his swimming pool.

Apparently, the women enter through Reeves’ gate and then unlocked door and took her clothes off immediately. She then went to take a shower, and after that, she jumped into his pool naked as well. The gate was accidentally left open by the cleaning crew, it seems.

Keanu called the police to take the woman away, and we’re sure that he simply couldn’t believe that two deranged women were able to sneak into his house over the course of two days.

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