Anne Hathaway Inspires Us To Be More Like Helena Bonham Carter


If you dislike Helena Bonham Carter, you are probably in the 1% of the world population that does. The actress gained her numerous fans thanks to her quirkiness, peculiar sense of humor and wild style, but all of that is what has kept her out the Hollywood mainstream for the past couple of decades.

Anne Hathaway clearly loves Carter’s outlook on life, which is why she shared this interesting tweet: “In a world of Kardashians… be a Helena Bonham Carter.”

Needless to say that the tweet got a lot of attention, both good and bad, but that didn’t stop Hathaway from expressing her opinion about what it takes to be your own person, without the need to steal someone else’s views, way of clothing or thinking.

It was quite a fearless move that simultaneously showed the Oscar winner’s thoughts on the Kardashians craze and her unhidden admiration for Carter, who has nothing but words of praise for Hathaway as well.

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