Anonymous Hackers Threaten To Release Iggy Azalea Sex Tape Pics


The world may get a sneak peak at yet another hacked sex tape release, whether it likes it or not, unless Iggy Azalea apologizes to Azealia Banks for her comments and straightens up when it comes to the issues of race.

The beef between the Australian and Banks has been going on for quite some time and it escalated when Banks accused Azalea of misappropriating black culture and generally not handling the whole situation terribly after the murder of Eric Garner.

Now, Anonymous hackers have decided to enter the always-classy arena of internet beefs, via their Twitter fraction @The AnonMessage. They directed a tweet to Azalea, saying that unless she does the right thing and apologizes, they will release stills from her sex tape, the one which she claims does not exist.

They added that she will go down worse than Bill Cosby – as if that was even possible! They added that they will only release the stills, not the actual tape, but they will prove it’s really her in the stills.

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