Rush Limbaugh Thinks James Bond Should Not Be Played By A Black Person


You can always count on Rush Limbaugh to give you your daily dose of controversy, racism and sexism. And that shouldn’t change just because of the holidays, right? This time, Limbaugh speaks his mind on the subject of James Bond’s casting.

One of the things the infamous Sony hack revealed is that at least one of the executives thinks that they should consider Idris Elba for the role of James Bond – after Daniel Craig is done, of course. The handsome and talented British actor would be a great choice for the role, but not according to the conservative radio talk show host.

Limbaugh thinks that casting a black person for the role of the legendary Secret Service agent would be a mistake, since the author Ian Fleming made James Bond white and Scottish. The pundit is aware that what he’s saying is racist, but that’s just the way he sees it.

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