Court Refuses Roman Polanski’s Appeal To Have His Statutory Rape Case Dismissed


Roman Polanski’s ongoing efforts to be done with his 1977 sex case have met another obstacle in his recent attempt to have the case dismissed. His appeal was refused by a California court and the statutory rape charge still stands.

The director based his appeal on the claims of judicial misconduct. According to the Polanski legal team, the judge that handled the case in 2008 committed misconduct after he was pressured by a presiding judge to deny Polanski’s dismissal motion. The appeal was refused because the Oscar-winning director is still technically a fugitive.

Now that the appeal has been denied, the lawyers for Polanski say the director still has other options, and one is a possible return to the US to face the charges.

After initially denying the accusations, Roman Polanski pleaded guilty to statutory rape of a 13-year old girl in Los Angeles in 1977.

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